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We aggregate apartments from all types of landlords, including those part of the housing queue and those outside the queue. You can choose for yourself what type of apartments you are interested in receiving notifications for.

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Apartments outside the housing queue

Several landlords are not part for the housing queue. Instead they choose a tenant among the individuals who are first to mark their interest in an apartment. With our subscription you will get notified directly when these apartments are available.

Rentals outside queue in Stockholm


We also cover all the big sites for sublets. Overall our goal is to list as many apartments as possible, regardless of the rental type.

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Rum uthyres, Room to rent...

Blocket, Sat 17 Mar, 18:32

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Rum uthyres, inneboende s...

Blocket, Sat 17 Mar, 18:24

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Blocket, Sat 17 Mar, 18:24

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2:ROK uthyres 10000kr, dr...

Blocket, Sat 17 Mar, 18:20

Cities covered besides Stockholm

We cover the rental market in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Uppsala and Lund. In every city we try to aggregate all rentals from the major landlords as well as the popular subletting sites.