Terms and conditions.


hyresbevakning.se — The company Hyresbevakning Bostadsförmedling i Sverige AB

The user — The natural person who signs up as a customer of hyresbevakning.se.

The service — Apartment subscription service via email provided by hyresbevakning.se

The service

  1. Users are themselves responsible for marking their interest on apartments at the respective landlord and subletting sites.
  2. The service can for short periods of time be unavailable. For example during time of system maintenance, upgrade, or if unexpected events, mishaps and technical problems occur. These types of interruptions will lead to a corresponding extension of the subscription period, however, no refund of payment will be made.
  3. Technical problems with web pages listed by hyresbevakning.se does not lead to an extension of the subscription period.
  4. The goal of hyresbevakning.se is to constantly expand the service and the number of pages listed. Web pages that were previously listed may however be removed due to, e.g., legal, economic or other reasons. hyresbevakning.se will not refund any payment due to these type of changes in the service.
  5. The service is intended for personal use only and must not be used for commercial purposes. The information provided by the service may not be distributed via the Internet or other media. Violations will result in termination of the service.
  6. The service is activated when payment is received from the user.
  7. No more than 50 email message will be sent to the user during a 24 hour period regardless of what delivery frequency is chosen by the user.
  8. hyresbevakning.se can not be held responsible for providing the user with an apartment. It is the users responsibility to use the information provided by the service to get in contact with the landlord or subletting agent.
  9. hyresbevakning.se can not be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the information sent out to the user, or for any delays in the e-mail communications to the user.
  10. hyresbevakning.se can not be held responsibility for any changes in information given from the underlying webpages monitored by the service. Specifically hyresbevaking.se can not be held responsible for changes to the apartment allocation process by various landlords and how this information is reflected in the service.

Means of payment

  1. Kostnaden för tjänsten är 99 kr per månad.
  2. The service is a paid subscription service that remains active until it is cancelled by the user.
  3. You can cancel your subscription at any time. After cancellation there will be no more charges made to your card.
  4. By payment of the service the user verifies that he or she can legally enter a binding agreement and that the user is at least 18 years old.

Cancellection right

  1. The user has a right to cancel this contract, without stating any reason, within 14 days.
  2. The cancellation right is valid 14 days after entering this agreement.
  3. If the users wants to exercise their cancellation right the user shall notify hyresbevakning.se of this intent. For instance by sending a letter per mail or an email to info@hyresbevakning.se ).
  4. If the users excericses their cancellation right by sending a letter per mail it should be adressed to: Hyresbevakning Bostadsförmedling i Sverige AB, Kivra: 559056-6211, 106 31 Stockholm. The user kan use the cancellation form at Konsumentverkets webpage, but is not required to do so.
  5. If the users uses their cancellation right, hyresbevakning.se will return all payments made from the users since this agreement was entered and during the 14 days of the cancellation right. Normally this means that 1 payment for 99kr will be returned unless multiple months were paid for in advance.
  6. The money will be returned in the the same way as they were collected.


  1. The user gives his or hers permission to hyresbevakning.se to save the user's personal data electronically on servers and computer systems hyresbevakning.se and subcontractors to hyresbevakning.se control.
  2. Personal information is used by hyresbevakning.se solely to administer the service and not for any other activity not related to the service.
  3. Personal information about the user is removed when the service ends.
hyresbevaking.se reserves the right to change the terms and conditions above. If the changes are significant, this will be communicated to the user. By continuing to use the service the user is assumed to have accepted the changed terms and conditions.