Several landlords publish apartments outside the housing queue. The apartments are instead allocated based on the time of application or by having a lottery among the people applying first. Landlords offer apartments outside the housing queue to give some possibility for people with no days in the queue to find an apartment. There are also some landlords that want to have more control in who is picked as a tenant and might choose to not use a queue for that reason.

Most first hand rental contracts are allocated using a housing queue. The apartments are subject to rent control meaning that they are often below sublet market price. Due to the lower price the demand for these apartments are very high and, unless you have been a member of the housing queues for several years, the apartments are very hard to get.

Besides the housing queue sublets are the most common way of getting a rental apartment. Unfortunately popular sublets are rented out in no time. Using hyresbevakning you can ensure that you get in contact with the landlord as soon as possible after the apartment has been listed.

There a few dedicated student housing options. Most of these landlords have a student only housing queue that is used to distribute apartments.